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New Silk Road international commodity trading center

2015-10-06 20:23 hbsr

Hubei is located in Yangtze River Economic Belt, its development and planning make the international trade and economic cooperation have wider space and potential. In addition, trading quantity and transaction amount of assets management field and commodities trade field of Hubei achieves the domestic leading level. Establish a transaction comprehensive platform of international commodities of the countries along the Belt and Road Initiative area with the existing advantageous location and social resources. Integrate the electronic commerce, cross-board trade, logistics information, financial assets, portal website, big data network center, standardization and security system. The function of this platform is to establish the commodities marketing network of convenient logistics, wide coverage and perfect service OTO with the advantageous internet and thought; Improve the trade efficiency and strengthen the platform’s financial services and optimize the assets allocation. The business scope of international commodity center will involve mineral, wood, diamond, chemical products, the transaction of commodities, etc;

The web services involving the transaction of relevant commodities and fund settlement services; The managing services of goods delivery market; The import and export trading of the relevant commodities; The consultant services and project joint services of the relevant business above. The projects is now planned to be in the Optical valley park of Wuhan city. The investment estimation was expected about RMB 50 million and invest for three stages, stage one is infrastructure, stage two is goods imported, stage three is the construction of industrialization and informatization. 

Project cooperation form: Crowdfunding, investment for equity participation, joint venture, monomer project investment cooperation, etc .
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