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The Logging Project in Democratic Republic of Congo

2016-04-07 16:13 hbsr

Project Introduction:
   In the Congo river basin, the largest African tropical rainforest is well preserved. The forests around here cover over 200 million hectares by total area , which is nearly equal to half of Congo. For this reason, Congo’s bountiful forest resources are constantly exported abroad, among which are 40% wood exported to China yearly.
   Forty percent of those cut down trees are sold to China while another forty percent are sold to Europe, and they are used for luxury wood products such as floor, ornament, garden furniture, etc. The rainforests have brought a great fortune to these logging companies.
   Two forest regions are allotted as industrial logged forests for this project, covering 388,000 hectares by total area. The procedures are all covered in accordance with the national laws, with the authorized period of 25 years’ logging and investment of 50,000,000 dollars. The seeds of trees are dominated by teak, wenge and amblla.
   An appointment is arranged for the details of the project cooperation.
  Contact Details:
   New Silk Road Promotion Association
   Wechat: xsczlpt
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