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Kazakhstan Kaolin Deposit Project

2015-12-17 09:08 hbsr
Project Name: Kazakhstan Kaolin Deposit Project

Kazakhstan takes leading positions in the world in terms of the volume and variety of natural resources. In terms of mining, the country is in top 15 of the world’s mining leaders. Kazakhstan owns the largest reserves of various metals and minerals including copper, iron ore, coal, gold, chromite, lead, zinc , manganese and uranium. The Kaolin deposit  near to the Kazakhstan capital Astana have potential resources above 255 mln tons. Kaolin demand mainly affects by the paper industry, where sales account for approximately 70%. In papermaking, kaolin has two separate purposes. As the filler (37%), it is included in the structure of the paper, reducing its cost and improving the quality of printing. It is also used as a pigment coating, to improve the appearance quality of the paper, such as brightness, smoothness, gloss and ink absorption, and thus allows current reproduction in color. Also, kaolin is used in ceramic, and the main function of kaolin in ceramics production is provision of whiteness to ceramic. USA, Brazil, Germany, Czech Republic, Ukraine is the world's leading manufacturers. These countries account for over 60% of world kaolin production. Low cost of mining and enrichment, common border with Russia and China, favorable business climate in Kazakhstan, support of authorities at the highest level, these advantages make the Kaolin deposit have more distinct advantage. Now the Kazakhstan company is looking for strategic partner. Your visit is highly welcomed, and please contact New Silk Road Promotion Association International Cooperation Department for further more details. 
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