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Georgia Coastal Tourist Resort Center Development Project

2015-11-09 10:40 hbsr
Project Name: Georgia  Coastal Tourist Resort Center Development Project

Project Overview:
Georgia is located in the midwest of  Outer-Ttranscaucasia at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, which is vital way in the ancient silk road and modern Eurasian transport corridor, also the most convenient channel for the Caspian and Central Asia oil and gas transport to Europe, the location and strategic position are very important. Georgia is a country with over 3000 years history and splendid national culture, clear seasons and a pleasant climate, which is very suitable for crops and fruit growth, especially famous for grapes wine and mineral water. It is excellent tourist resort, has been honoured as “The garden of God”.
Georgia has 308 kilometers coastline and beautiful seaside scenery which is a good place for summer resort. The mysterious charm Black Sea coast is full of sunshine, ocean, mountains, friends, cate, good wine.
The project location not only has a fascinating beach, but also rich island scenery, with abundant biological plants tourism resources and undeveloped scenery, owns the unique natural conditions for tourism development. The project location seaside is with 40000 square metes construction land, which will be planned to build up tourism resort or resort hotel. The center supporting facilities are theme landscape area, health care, leisure recreation areas, catering service area and so on. The location is 20 metres from the beach, and there is no similar hotes near it。This area could be the only beach with skin disease treatment function along the Black Sea coast, the tourists from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia and other nearby countries will regard it as the first choice for travel and vacation. The cooperation way are joint venture, cooperation and individual project cooperation.

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