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Juice Drink Factory Project in Georgia

2015-11-09 10:31 hbsr
Republic of Georgia Juice Drink Factory Project

Project Name: Republic of Georgia Juice Drink Factory Project
Project Overview: Republic of Georgia is a foodie heaven with variety of fruits, which is  pure natural green food without any pollution. This project is invested by European Central Bank for 10 million Euro to set up fruit juice drink factory to produce pure natural fruit juice drink. This project is a comprehensive and promising case, which is a collection of agriculture, industry and commerce, to be totally nutrient, healthy  and environmentally friendly. This project will be strongly supported by the government, which will create employment opportunity and push industrial development. The juice products will sale to surrounding countries and huge China market, more than Georgia local market. Now, the local Georgia part hope to find develop the market together with China partner, who is with the marketing ability and marketing resources. The cooperation way are joint equity venture, exclusive authorization venture, ect.

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