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New Silk Road Promotion Association—In the Spotlight

2016-08-16 10:24 hbsr
Forum on Global Production Capacity and Business Cooperation held in Wuhan from June 04th  to 6th 2016, almost 2100 representatives and 450 enterprises from more than 73 countries participated the forum, among which are more than 400 foreign delegates. During the business cooperation meeting, there are 28 major projects signed between Chinese and foreign enterprises, total amount reached $7.9 billion, among which there are 4 projects that are sighed by New Silk Road Promotion Association, total amount $1 billion. New Silk Road Promotion Association performed satisfactorily at inviting foreign delegates, signing projects and receiving foreign guests. Because of the excellent performance, Promotion Association was not only reported by several media, but also received by Vice Governor Wang Xiaodong.
“Through the forum, our Promotion Association understands better about the true need of African and European market. After the forum , we will in charge of implementing the projects and accomplishing them. The projects signed during the forum filled the blank of “One Belt One Road” projects, which exerted a profound influence for the processing of going out strategy, these projects will benefit Promotion Association and Hubei Province. “We share a will, never too far”, we will fight for the future along the New Silk Road, and we are in an era full of passionate.” Yu Feng, Chairman of New Silk Road Promotion Association said. 
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