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The world is wonderful because of tea

2016-05-10 10:55 hbsr
Spring is when life's alive in everything. The pale green sprouts burst out of the earth budding the vigor of spring. During such a nice season, the cooperation between New Silk Road International Cooperation and Exchange Promotion Association and the Tea Culture International Exchange Center of
Hubei Auto Drift Base has officially come to being. At present, the Chairman of Promotion Association and the Chairman of the Drift Base are jointly commencing international tea culture exchange and cooperation of the Belt and Road.
In early spring of 2016, the Chairman of New Silk Road Promotion Association visited Tea King Posthouse famous for cars and tea at the invitation of Asian Auto King, Mr. Zeng Fanren, and a few respected professors and scholars with international exchange background. In the real space of the perfect blend of tea and auto, the romantic world of tea and auto spiritual collision, Chairman was deeply blown away and touched while feeling all these. Compared to most places around the world, such a site where it combines auto spirit perfectly with tea culture, tea history, tea cultivar, tea story and teaware in a diverse and comprehensive way, is totally one and only.
During the moment of eye contact and spiritual communication between the two parties in the morning, both of them shared a common view on the past and the future reviewing the time that dates back to the Silk Road and the Maritime Silk Road, regretting they hadn’t met each other earlier. The fairytale of Chinese tea reaching out to the world and the painful mutability of history, today’s romantic Tea Saint following the New Silk Road, thousands of square meters of unique and charming Tea King Posthouse, authentic wood art, a pot of tea with rich smell, cheerful and optimistic tea experts, the collected antiques of different Chinese history backgrounds for which ancient legendary tea making methods, all of them reflects the unending and abiding spirit in Chinese tea culture and the historical contribution of human self-cultivation and the host’s faithfulness to Chinese tea culture. Both Auto King and Tea King are the indispensable “soft gold” on the New Silk Road.
Great minds think alike. Resonance produces sparks, affection promotes
cooperation. As truly as the old Chinese sayings go, "When a melon is ripe, it falls off its stem," and "When water flows, a channel is formed.", so is the Tea Culture International Exchange Center of Hubei Silk Road International Cooperation and Exchange Promotion Association like that.
 China has fascinated the whole world by tea culture and its tea has attracted the world to know the developing history of China’s One Belt One Road, and also to learn the tea culture as well as the characters and rich inner worlds of ancient and modern Chinese people. Chinese tea has become a beautiful tale and legend around the world.
The Earth is a village. Chinese tea culture, together with the tea market should not only be expanded in China, but also to the whole world. In history, the restriction of exchange background resulted in single variety of bilateral trade between countries and insufficient convey of spirit and wonder in tea culture and features. Tea saints outside of China found it difficult to have an instant knowledge of the magic of Chinese tea as well as tea’s past, present and future at a certain big occasion or a certain specified site.
Tea Culture International Exchange Center of Hubei Silk Road International Cooperation and Exchange Promotion Association was established under this circumstance. It will be a beneficial stretch and integration of tea cultures on the Belt and Road. Deep, multidimensional carrying forward and carrying on of the culture exchange cooperation will be the result of the combination of two. Tea Culture International Exchange Center will be an innovation center for tea culture communication in the new era and will be spiritual home to rebuilding Chinese tea culture as well as world tea culture.
We sincerely invite all friends from global village to come here, to experience tea culture and Chinese stories. Hopefully the exchanges between China and foreign countries will come into blossom as a rose!
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