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Congratulate Mr. Yan on His New Position

2016-04-25 11:33 hbsr
When a spring breeze touches your face, your nose is filled with the breath of life really invigorating. During the most pleasant season, people in charge of New Silk Road International Cooperation and Exchange Promotion Association were invited by the Chairman of China Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification, Yanyi Xiang, to beautiful Xiamen. They discussed the high-quality investment projects of Congo-Kinshasa and Yanyi Xiang was appointed as Congo's investment counselor by New Silk Road Promotion Association.
Chairman Yanyi Xiang is not only the honorary Chairman of The Chinese Joint Chamber of Commerce in Congo-Kinshasa but also the Chairman of Congo-Kinshasa -Fu Jian Joint General Chamber of Commerce. In the early years of his career, Chairman Yan headed for Africa for investment and earned brilliant achievements from his involvement in a broad range of industries in Congo-Kinshasa. He was honored by the local government, civilians and Chinese.
At the end of last year, vice-chairman of New Silk Road International Cooperation and Exchange Promotion Association, Mr.Dingyou Yi, also President of Shi Tong Footwear,  and Chairman Yanyi Xiang led six entrepreneurs from Hubei and Fujian to make an 8-day investigations in Congo-Kinshasa. During the investigation, The Chinese Joint Chamber of Commerce in Congo-Kinshasa, the strategic associate of our association, initiated multiple conferences and communication on developing markets and investment projects in Congo-Kinshasa. Meanwhile, they made investigations on Kinshasa’s construction work, real estate market, building material market, trade products and engineering projects that Chinese enterprises was and would be building.  
In recent days, the invited executives of New Silk Road Promotion Association headed for Xiaman. Chairman Yan himself recommended a few high-quality investment cooperation projects including logging industry, small- size cement plant, bubble brick and domestic excessive capacity projects. Congo-Kinshasa is the second largest country in Africa with abundant natural resources. Water power resources account for 40% of the African gross reserves and 13% of the world reserves. Among fields like infrastructure, telecommunication, agriculture and mining, China-invested enterprises have a promising prospect and considerable development space. Through deep investigation research, the delegation had a further learning about the markets in Congo-Kinshasa and market opportunities and risks. Not only the first-hand information resources provided a lot of experiences for the investment and trade cooperation between Congo-Kinshasa and other African countries, but also they laid foundation for our association’s future international strategic development  and member company service. Due to the rapid growth of infrastructure in Congo-Kinshasa in recent year, there has been great need from surrounding countries’ markets for building materials, especially one for new environmental friendly materials like light foam bricks. Although these materials has long been applies broadly in Chinese market on constructional engineering with excess production capacity, it is a precious business opportunity for domestic foam brick enterprises that have been stymied in time of the African market rise.
Chairman Yan was very excited when he received our letter of appointment, he thanked over and over to Hubei civilians, enterprises and New Silk Road Promotion for trusting him. He said he would never make void this trust. We believe Chairman Yan and New Silk Road Promotion Association will definitely strike a spark for the promising and brilliant future of our cooperation.
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