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Embrace from Tashkent

2016-04-20 11:21 hbsr
Tashkent, Uzbekistan, a famous ancient city in Central Asia , a vital commercial and handicraft center of ancient Silk Road, will welcome the embrace of New Silk Road International Cooperation and Exchange Promotion Association in Tashkent.
Head of an Uzbekistan’s electric power company arranged a meeting with Head of New Silk Road International Cooperation and Exchange Promotion Association in March this year. Both Parties reached an agreement on the cooperative desire of setting up an Uz branch of New Silk Road Promotion Association based on the objective of developing minerals and economic and trade cooperation. In October of fall when ripe fruits fell off,  both Parties reached a consensus on expanding cooperation on more than forty investment projects that Uz proposed and trade projects, and on setting up branch offices mutually.
Both Parties set a concrete timing for mutual visits and project promotion. China’s Belt and Road is also Uzbekistan’s New Silk Road. Uzbekistan is located in Central Asia. The capital city is Tashkent. It has an abundant resource of natural gas, petroleum, coal, copper, aluminum and gold. Its mineral products are rich and the dominant industries of agriculture are cotton and cicada. The cotton planting area accounts for about half of the cultivated land area. It is also a regionally significant producer of cotton, petroleum and gas.
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