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  • China and Laos meet again

    hbsr 2015-11-10 14:23:15 153
    By the invitation of Laos National Economic Zone Management Committee Secretariat Secretary-General Mr. Kheungkham Keonuchan, Hubei New Silk Road Promotion Association leaders came to the mysterious neighbor country Laos from China- Laos fr...
  • On 14 th may, 2015, Department of Civil Affairs of Hubei Province Officials came to New Silk Road Promotion Association for speciality survey, and gave meticulous guidance for the early stages work construction. During the survey, about the...
  • 18 th May, 2015, ACD Forum on Belt and Road Cooperation Asia Business Conference(ACD for short) was held in the cradle ofancient maritime silk road ---Fuzhou. The ACD was held together by the Chinese Foreign Ministry, All-China Federation o...
  • New Silk Road New opportunities New platform

    hbsr 2015-10-07 14:35:28 164
    New Silk Road new opportunities New platform new development Hubei New Silk Road International Cooperation and Exchange Promotion Association was established on Jun.19 th ,2015, the first membership conference and the opening ceremony was h...
  • One Belt One Road

    hbsr 2015-10-06 17:18:58 122
    One Belt, One Road radiates widely Cooperation and exchange platform strategy One Belt, One Road namely the Land Silk Road and 21 st -century Maritime Silk Road radiates over 40 countries along the Road with the population of 4.4 billion an...
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