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Ⅰ)   The policy training of the Belt and Road Initiative
Subtitle: Aim to help the member enterprises carry out the policies and show the direction of developing road.
Abstract: Train the constructive spirit of national political thought concerning the Belt and Road Initiative so as to help the member enterprises master the dynamic of the local country’s policy and policy documents, know about its advantages and project supportive measures to strive for the biggest policy support.

Ⅱ)   Laws& Regulations training
Subtitle: Help the member enterprises know about the basic law, investment law, contract law and labor law of the investment countries.
Abstract: Know about the latest information of laws, regulations, policies and business dynamic of the local country’s investment cooperation, supply the systematical training and learning for the members, so that they can grasp the legal information at the first time, reduce or lower the investment risk.
Ⅲ)   Professional training
Subtitle: Including talents training, management training, the practice training of import and export trade, financial training, project operation training, marketing training, etc.
Abstract: Supply the relevant professional training focus on the demand point of the member enterprises, help strengthen the practical operation ability of the market competition and the ability to develop overall advantage.
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