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Ⅰ)     Channels promotion
 Subtitle: Make the full use of various channels to help the member enterprises promote and publicize their brands.
Abstract: Display the brands, culture, products and image of the member enterprises OTO through the Promotion Association’s network, official website, Wechat public platform, publication, website connection, web presentation, etc. Help the member enterprises enlarge the scope of audiences to make more target groups know about the relevant information of the enterprises so as to achieve the goal of effective promotion. 

Ⅱ)     Products promotion
Subtitle: Supply the directional promotion services based on the products (or projects) which have the market development space.
Abstract: Investigate the products or projects overview of the member enterprises and make the targeted and directional promotion of the products (or projects), which is helpful to all-dimensional display of the products (or projects) information. 
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