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International Communication

2015-10-10 15:39 hbsr

Ⅰ)Title:  Business investigation
Subtitle: Investigate the cultural customs, economic conditions, investment environment,  natural circumstance, etc.
Abstract: Regularly organize the member enterprises to the countries along the Silk and Road Initiative for the business investigation, help the member enterprises deepen the     understanding of local market situation, investment environment and laws& policies, so that seek the development opportunities of “ go abroad” better and more effective.

Ⅱ)Title: Visit and exchange  
Subtitle: Overseas partners, trading companies, travelling merchants, item side, etc visit the places of China to make the mutual cooperation and exchange. 
Abstract: Promote the connectivity and interaction so as to reach the consensus of cooperation.

Ⅲ) Title: Project research
Abstract: Deeply research the projects which the member enterprise and item side have reached the intention of preliminary cooperation, research the projects comprehensively and deeply and analyze the projects, form the investigation report of the projects feasibility, give the feedback to the member enterprises with full and accurate project research and systematizing and objective information, so that help the member enterprises make the preparation for the project decision.
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