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Ⅰ)    Information exchange salon
Subtitle: Regularly hold the salon activities like information sharing and project information exchange.
Abstract: Regularly organize the member enterprises to develop the information exchange activities, share and exchange the high quality project information among the members. Build a platform of information connectivity and sharing.

Ⅱ)     Enterprises forum
Subtitle: The BBS platform that supply the policies, local country’s regulations, trade and business conditions and the investment situations.
Abstract: Regularly organize the member enterprises to participate in kinds of seminar, high-end enterprises forum, etc concerning the theme of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Ⅲ)    Promotion conference
Subtitle: Develop the connecting conference of the professional investment projects, trade and business conditions.
Abstract: Regularly organize the member enterprises to participate in the promotion interaction activities of investment projects and trade and business conditions face to face and one to one. Show the high quality projects domestic and abroad and trade and business condition more directly for the member enterprises through offline and help the member enterprises find the appropriate development opportunities.

Ⅳ)    International exhibition
Subtitle: Organize the member enterprises to participate in the large international investment and trade exhibition.
Abstract: Collect and summarize the information of large international investment and trade exhibition, organize the member enterprises of relevant industries or the member enterprises who’re willing to “go abroad” to participate in such kind of international exhibition, help them open up the export channels of products, construct a window of knowing about the new technology, new products and new information of the world.

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