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2015-10-10 15:31 hbsr
The notice of going to Lhoka to participate
in “ 2015 China Tibet Yarlung Cultural Festival” and project investment promotion activities


To each member enterprise,

From Aug.15, 2015 to Aug.19, “2015 China Tibet Yarlung cultural festival “with the theme of “Gather in the source of Tibet, continue the cultural fate of Yarlung” took place in TseDang of Lhoka of Tibet. In order to expand the economic cooperation of Lhoka and internal and external region, vigorously publicize and promote the advantageous resources , preferential policies and investment projects of Lhoka. During the cultural festival, the investment project promotion conference with the theme of “Cooperation, win-win” will take place in Lhoka. About over 30 items involving farming and animal husbandry, tourism, national handicraft industry, advantageous mineral, construction and building materials, new energy industry, etc during the conference.
Hereby, we sincerely invite you to participate in this project investment  promotion conference so as to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lhoka, experience the national folk-customs and know about the investment circumstance. We also hope every member enterprise will find the appropriate investment projects and dig out the new business opportunities.
Activity time: Aug.14~ Aug.17.          Departure time: Aug.13
Registration deadline: Aug.4th  17:00.
Participants: The presidents, general managers and managers of every member enterprise.
Activity contents: Participate in the opening ceremony of “2015 China Tibet Yarlung cultural festival”; Visit the local tourist attraction of TseDang; Attend the promotion conference of attracting investment projects; Visit Tibetan national manufacturing goods, Tibetan medicine, special agricultural products, etc; Participate in cooperation negotiation and signing of contract.

Activity fee: RMB 3,000/person.  It’s used as the transportation fee from Wuhan to Lhasa, the balances will be paid to either side according to the bill. The local board and lodging of Lhoka will be arranged by Promotion Association during the period of activity.

Anyone who wanna know more about the activity, welcome to call  0086-027-85491520                   

Secretariat of Promotion Association.
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