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2015-10-10 15:32 hbsr
The notice of the business investigation activity in Australia
To each member enterprise, 
Australia is one of the nearest countries to China of all western developed countries, China is the biggest trading cooperation partner to Australia. Both sides have already formed a mutual benefit cooperation pattern of an all-dimensional, multi-layer and wide-ranging.
Hereby, we sincerely invite you to participate in this project investment  promotion conference so as to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lhoka, experience the national folk-customs and know about the investment circumstance. We also hope every member enterprise will find the appropriate investment projects and dig out the new business opportunities.
Activity time:  Sep.20~ Sep.29
Participants: The presidents, general manager of each governing unit and enterprise executive enterprise. The relevant department of government, the major principals of enterprises, economic and trading managers.
Planning of contents:
Ⅰ. Visit the business room of the Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Sydney. The duty is to promote the development of economic and trading relationship between China and Australia, strengthen the connection of China-Australia’s economic and trading circle and supply the services of policy consultation and information to open up the trade and investment activities for China- Australia’s enterprises.
Ⅱ. Visit the trade commission of Australia. The commission is federal agency which aims to help Australia’s enterprises to make their products and services enter the overseas market with the shortest time, the lowest costs and minimum risk.

Ⅲ. Investigate the southern economic zone of Australia, make full understanding of economic conditions, investment circumstances and natural environment of the southern city Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. Then we’ll visit the CEO of southern economic zone, deeply communicate and know about the preferential policies of southern economic zone and the cooperation contents like investment, trade, immigration, house purchasing, overseas study, pension, tourism, etc.
Anything about the detailed arrangement of the activity will be informed in advance.
Anyone who wanna know more about the activity, welcome to call  0086-027-85491520                    

Secretariat of Promotion Association.
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