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2015-10-10 15:35 hbsr
The notice of the business investigation activity in Kenya
To each member enterprise,
In order to help the export-oriented enterprises of Hubei further open up the international market of Africa and promote the economic and trading cooperation of both sides and the joint of projects. Invited by the local government of Nakuru,our Association will organize the enterprise delegations to Kenya for the business investigation in late September and develop the promotion activity of trading investment.
Kenya is located in the East African plateau, across the equator and the southeast is closed to the Indian Ocean. Bordering on Tanzania,Uganda,Sultan, Ethiopia, Somalia. It’s a trading transfer center of East Africa. The economy of Kenya develops rapidly after the independence, it’s one of the countries with good economy in African areas.  It’s the mixed economy system with the major private economy and Coexistence of various economic composition, the private economy accounts for 70% of the whole economy. Agriculture, service industry and industry are the three pillars of national economy.Tea, Coffee and flowering plant are the three foreign exchange earning projects. Tourism, as one of the foreign exchange earning industries, develops well. The industry in the East Africa is better by comparison.
Hereby, we sincerely invite each member enterprise to participate in this business investigation activity, support and develop the mutual trading and investment cooperation, deeply know about the market of the East Africa, seize the great opportunity of entering the Africa market.
Activity time: Dec.11~Dec.20
Participants: The presidents, general manager of each governing unit and enterprise executive enterprise. The relevant department of government, the major principals of enterprises, economic and trading managers.
Planning of contents:
Ⅰ. Visit the Economic Counselor’s Office of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Kenya to know about the local business condition;
Ⅱ. Visit the ministry of industry&trade of Kenya;
Ⅲ. Visit the Nakuru of Kenya to discuss about the cooperation of friendly provinces between Hubei and Nakuru;
Ⅳ. Hold the trading and investment activity week with the theme of the Belt and Road Initiative, display the local special products of Kenya and investment projects that need to cooperate; Also display the Chinese excellent products of every industry like Manufacturing, light Industry, Agriculture, Construction and building materials, furniture, Literary form, etc.
Ⅴ. Cooperation signing activity.
Anything about the detailed arrangement of the activity will be informed in    advance.
Anyone who wanna know more about the activity, welcome to call  0086-027-85491520                    Secretariat of Promotion Association.
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