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Tibet Medical material

2015-10-06 16:43 hbsr
The plant and further processing of the medicinal material of Tibet

Qusum county is located in the medium-south of Tibet plateau and the south of the middle reaches of Yalutsangpo River with the average elevation of over 4,200m, it’s plateau arid climate and belongs to the Sub-humid climate zone of warm-temperate district. With the average annual climate of 0.6~6.9 degree, 2700-3300 hours of sunshine annually, about 125 days of frost-free period and 470mm of precipitable water annually. There’re rich resources of medicinal plants like Arenaria kansuensis, rhizoma picrorhizae, sea-buckthorn, Tibet snow lotus, Saussurea gossypiphora, etc within the boundary. These kinds of medicinal plants has the function of building a strong body, resisting the tumour and viral infection. The unique medicinal value is popular and welcome between the domestic and overseas market, so it’s in a great demand, so the plant and further processing of Tibet medicinal materials has great development prosperity.

The project will get the approval of the introduction and cultivation experiment of Arenaria kansuensis, rhizoma picrorhizae, sea-buckthorn, Tibet snow lotus, etc. Build the large-scale planting and processing technological system and 90 mu(namely 6 hectare) goods productive base of Tibet medicinal materials. The project is expected to invest RMB 3-5 million. The investment form is sole proprietorship, joint venture, cooperation, etc.
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