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Tibetan Walnut base

2015-10-06 16:53 hbsr
The construction and processing project of Tibetan Walnut base

The walnut in Gyaca County of Tibet has five characteristics. First, widespread and unique climate is good for the growth of walnut- tree; Second, it has kinds of varieties with cultivated and wild; Third, the tree-age is old. Over 3,000 walnut-trees have thousand years, which is a suitable growing area for walnuts; Forth, it has high output; Fifth, it has good quality with high oil content. The project is expected to cover an area of 30mu (namely 2 hectare), build a plant with 5,500 square meters and the production lines of dealing with 4,000t walnuts annually, it can produce walnut oil and instant walnut powder. Recently, the consumption demand of walnut powder and walnut products is rising year by year, so it has great market prospect. The amount investment is RMB 32 million, Rolling cycle investment. The target market of this project is local market, international and domestic market. The form of this project cooperation is sole proprietorship, cooperation, joint venture, etc.

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